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Why The Automobile Industry Must Use YouTube Video Marketing In 2020 In India?

Published by ispl at March 16, 2020

Founded in the year 2005, to the year 2020, in 15 years, YouTube has had a historic journey. The now iconic red play button has become a necessary marketing staple for over a decade. Many Artists have launched their careers through YouTube and made it big. Unquestionably, video marketing should be one of the most important video marketing assets in your promotion toolbox.

When it comes to Automobile industry video marketing techniques, having a YouTube marketing strategy for your dealership or automotive group is essential in 2020 and ahead.

YouTube Video Marketing Trends for Auto Industry in India

In the past, most automotive consumers didn’t have a concrete idea of what they wanted when they began the shopping process. Today, Google says that 69% of people are influenced by YouTube while buying a car. It has broken the record reach of traditional media influencers including TV, Newspaper and Magazines.

2020 is an advent of challenging times for the auto industry. Sales plummeting and cost of fuel soaring high, challenging times call for a strategy and often, in the moment of crisis, come great opportunities. Auto manufacturers and dealers alike are starting to recognize YouTube as a free power tool to engage its TG. Ahead you’ll read more on the YouTube video marketing trends for the auto industry in India.

How YouTube Is Transforming The Car Buying Experience In India?

Auto-related videos are the 5th most popular video category on YouTube! Video drives awareness and discovery of vehicles which revolutionizes the car buying experience than contemporary modes of advertising. Wouldn’t you want to get a glimpse of the fabric upholstery, to dashboard look to the engine under the hood watching at your own comfort?

YouTube gives you a virtual experience while on the move. The platform has more than 1.9 billion users each month and the numbers continue to rise along with its popularity. From YouTube live to 360 degree videos, to tutorials to product launches, this platform can transform your dealership and sales experience.

Why Indian Car Dealers Should Not Ignore YouTube Marketing In 2020?

YouTube videos grab attention and hold our attention longer than any other form of content, but the first few seconds are crucial. If your dealership has its YouTube marketing strategies in place, you’re doing great! But don’t just take your foot off the gas, yet! If you don’t engage with viewers, they’ll stop engaging with you. Heard of out of sight, out of mind adage?

YouTube is positioned to help both consumers and brands with their experience, assisting them to connect in more meaningful ways. This gives new opportunities for brands and dealers to aid customers in what they’re choosing to watch and engage with them. More importantly, it enables them to drive better results and greater efficiencies in their marketing.

More so, here’s why Indian car dealerships shouldn’t ignore YouTube marketing in 2020:

1. YouTube – A Significant Source Of Information

 YouTube has become one of the most important sources of independent information for car buyers. Watch time of “test drive”, “car launch” videos on YouTube has grown by more than 65% in the past 2 years. Car buyers are getting involved into the purchasing process before they contact a dealership.

2. Online Video Audience In India Will Grow To 500 Million By 2020

Online video is changing the way consumers collect information and make purchase decisions. The audience’s growth is triggered by major OTT players who’re increasing investments in content production & distribution.

3. 80% Of Car Buyers Use Videos As Its Research Destination

Shoppers who used online video for research said that it helped them discover a vehicle they weren’t previously aware of or considering. Majority of buyers put their trust in what they see and hear.

4. 79% Of The Buyers Who Watch Car Videos On YouTube Use It To Find Information

This strengthens the fact that what happens online impacts what happens next offline. Through online video, consumers are experiencing parts of the shopping journey that previously could only be done, including vehicle walkarounds, video test drives, and product tour.

5. 79% Of Auto Buyers Find Answers And Reviews On YouTube Before Purchasing

YouTube has become one of the key sources of independent information for car buyers. Car buyers nowadays can access any type of information they need, wherever they are in the customer journey.

6. 45% Of New Car Buyers Viewed Videos Regarding Feature Highlights

Now creators are showing brands how to engage viewers with a whole new range of content beyond car commercials. Research shows that consumers are showing interest particularly toward five video styles: test drives, walk-around, feature highlights, reviews, and safety tests.

7. 27% Of New Car Buyers Watched Videos Regarding Vehicle Performance Before Making A Purchase

Car buyers (both new and used) spend most of their time online when researching a vehicle. Consumers would prefer to buy from a dealership that offers experience and performance, even if it didn’t have the lowest price.

8. Video Drives Discovery And Awareness Of Vehicles

As per KIA motors case study to drive traffic via video marketing, they showed potential customers a series of five YouTube ads highlighting features of newly launched vehicles. This naturally increased view-through rate (VTR), decreased cost-per view (CPV), and spiked an increase in conversion rates across all countries.

9. Video Allows Shoppers To Compare And Contrast Their Options

97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of the vehicle or service, according to HubSpot. Video research is seen as the most popular and effective format for encouraging brand consideration.

YouTube Video Marketing Is The Driving Force Behind Your Dealership Branding & Sales

The digital movement has transformed automotive marketing. The strongest digital marketing platforms – YouTube – has largely been a big player in the change that is been seen. YouTube reaches more people ages 18 to 34 than any cable network in India. Training these millennial eyeballs on your showroom floor through YouTube is a powerful way to leverage digital and sell more cars.

Thus, you have learned that why you must consider YouTube to be an effective marketing activity to pull audience to your page. Showcase variety and freshness in content, explore new styles and themes of videos and you’ll see your audience noticing you and may be booking their next vehicle with you!

Maximize Performance For Your Automotive Business Through Video Marketing With InnoServ Digital

At InnoServ, we understand the needs of the automotive marketplace. We help dealers and automobile brands to make connections with their audience. We understand and have delivered to, the exacting standards of the automotive industry in a range of styles with clients including Mercedes Benz, Jeep, Toyota, Renault, Hyundai and more.

Our services include planning & strategy, filming, studio shoots, presenter-led location videos, social video campaigns and digital PR.

We are experienced in creating location-based automotive videos. Watch Our video for Renault Mumbai was shot on location:

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your automotive business grow. Click here to get your free video marketing audit report.

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