User Experience and Usability

If only having a website page would cut it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. More sophisticated aspects come into play to give your online presence a wholesome feel. This is where we pitch in. We create user-friendly interfaces, perform usability audits across your platforms, so that they are easy to navigate, aesthetically superior and lend your users a totally intuitive experience.

The services offered include

User experience design: Nothing brings us more joy than to see a client’s visitors overwhelmed with satisfaction each time they interact with their platforms, which is an integral part of great user experience. To make this happen, we create user-centric interfaces after carefully studying consumer browsing experience and subliminal user interaction patterns. What follows is generation of user interface architecture, designing alternate prototypes and testing them with the representative users.

Usability audits: To test how your existing platforms are faring, we perform heuristic evaluations to map performance, unearth loopholes and mend what comes between your website’s easy usability and the users.

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