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Benefits of Digital Employer Branding Through CoBuzz

Creating a Buzz

Create a BUZZ about your strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition) through digital platforms & the web

Improving Visibility

Get Maximum Employer Brand Visibility and Followers (Engage current employees and prospective employees)

Reducing Attrition

Increased Employee Engagement, Trust Building, Grow Retention & New Applications, Reduce Attrition

How does CoBuzz help you?

CoBuzz is an initiative wherein a unique mix of online Medias is used to increase the employee value proposition of your organization and enhances the image of your company, thus helping your organization online to engage & retain the existing employees and attract talents through social media channels reducing your cost of hiring. CoBuzz aim is to increase brand awareness, employee engagement and hiring effort of the company through Social Media Campaigns, Innovative Strategies, Infographics, Interesting Contents & Content Development for Blogging and Articles.

Defining Elements of EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

Make The Most of Your EVP’s through Online Media

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is defined as the unique set of benefits that an employee receives in return to the skills, experience & values they bring to the organization.

Why do you need EVP?

  • A rich EVP must comprise the core of a successful employer brand.
  • It should clearly reflect who you are as an organization and an employer brand.
  • Your brand’s presence must be incorporated into every aspect of the employee experience.

Importance of Strong EVP

  • It serves to define what it’s like to work for your company?
  • It describes the “give and get” aspect of the employment deal.
  • EVPs define the underlying “offer” on which an organization’s employer brand is based.

What Does CoBuzz Do?

  • We help you Redefine Employer Branding.
  • We showcase your Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) to the outside world.
  • We engage existing employees by bringing them to the centre of the online content strategy.

Effective Employee Engagement

  • We constantly keep innovating to overcome the challenges of employer branding.
  • CoBuzz has created an interactive online content strategy to engage employees through online media.
  • We leverage the employment life cycle from recruitment and training to performance assessment and beyond as your roadmap to employee engagement.

Social Media Presence

  • We help you reach the digitally savvy millennial and generation-z job seekers who spend several hours on social media daily.
  • We target your potential employees on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. where they spend most of their time and learn about the companies where they might want to work.